Pregnancy Nutrition


For women on the family way, right diet is always a major concern. A pregnant woman always wants to eat healthy and right to be able to provide absolute nutrition to the baby growing inside. Pregnancy nutrition or what she eats and drinks during her pregnancy is of prime importance and is the main source of nourishment for her baby.

If you are on your journey to be a mother and pregnancy nutrition is your concern too, Dt. Gurleen Kaur is your best companion to bring an absolute resolution.

Whether or not you need to take supplements, what are the right foods for you in which trimester and what edibles you must avoid to keep all the extra weight at bay; Dt. Gurleen advises on all these questions appropriately through a well-laid pregnancy diet chart for pregnancy nutrition. She recommends the food, beverages, additional diet and supplements as per the nutrition needs, weight and lifestyle of the pregnant woman so that pregnancy is as comfortable and manageable as it could be and the baby receives the maximum nutrients from the diet.

Pregnancy Nutrition

Absolute benefits of taking diet advice from Dt. Gurleen Kaur:

  1. You get the right dietary advice on eating healthy food and consuming right nutrients needed for fetus growth.
  2. Gurleen Kaur recommends right foods to be eaten to avoid gaining extra weight.
  3. You also learn how to keep your cravings in check and how to substitute harmful calorie foods with healthy edibles and satisfy the cravings too.
  4. Only a certified and qualified dietician can tell you how to be the best of you throughout your pregnancy so that you do not slip into the depressive state of mind during or after the pregnancy.

Dt. Gurleen Kaur at Diet Chemistry, who is also a certified pregnancy dietician, also helps the mothers-to-be to break the usual food myths about pregnancy diet and guides them towards an abundant motherhood post a healthy delivery.

All the mothers-to-be ask for a pregnancy nutrition consultation with Dt. Gurleen Kaur today and make your pregnancy an enriching time of life.

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