Dt. Gurleen Kaur


National Nutrition Ambassador and Member (Nutrition and Natural Health Sciences Association) A Young visionary with an eye on the future, she is a 3rd generation to serve her patients and clients selflessly, blending her professional commitments with her humane efforts. A compassionate dietitian and nutritional well-versed in providing diets to her clients with great communicating skills. She is amongst the qualified dieticians who seek and understand about diet that we take and its chemistry with our body.

She is serving people from last 8 years and truly believes that each person body is different and hence prescribes diet after careful consideration of individual’s physiological conditions, psychological conditions, lifestyle and most importantly as per the likes, dislikes and mood of the individual. Above all, she also guides how to balance treats and favorite foods with those that will nourish and sustain your daily activities.

With us, you never starve or eat less; you just EAT RIGHT


Dt. Gurleen Kaur owner of Diet Chemistry believes that serving people is above all. Our thought process is driven by the idea from where we derive our name and what we provide.

Diet + Chemistry = correct combination of food according to every individual.


She believes in “KiratKaro” which is one of the 3 pillars of Sikhism. This means to earn an honest, pure and dedicated living by exercising ones’ god- given skills, abilities, talents and hard labour for the benefit and improvement of the individual, their family, and society at large.

She treats every client with the same amount of care and focus. The idea is to serve humanely, showing benevolence in all our efforts. After all, the foundation of any service is to serve humanity to the best of one’s ability.


She aim to modify the lifestyle of every individual with correct combination according to their physiological and psychological condition for permanent results rather temporary results whether that patient/client is associated with her for weight loss programme/weight gain programme/therapeutic diet.


10th Novemeber 2019

PCOS awareness camp at GNH Excel

2. 29th July 2018

Nutrition Talk for Senior Citizens welfare society of Naraina Vihar


31 July 2016 Nutrition Talk for Senior Citizens welfare society of Naraina Vihar
4. 30 July 2016

Health Camp in Gyan Mandir School, Naraina Vihar


1 July 2016


Discussion on Diet & Nutrition for metabolic syndrome in dermatological disorders


Dermatology and Allied specialities summit


11 May 2016

Seminar conducted in KPIT Technologies Ltd:

PPT on Women Nutrition

7. 9 February 2016

ADAMS Genetic private Limited:

DNA Based Diet Plans


27 December 2015

Nutrition and Natural health Science Association:

3rd National Nutrition Conference and Convocation


11 July 2015

Health Camp in Gyan Mandir School, Naraina Vihar


19 September 2015

Health Camp in Saraswati Shishu Mandir School, Naraina Vihar


12 May 2015 till 15 May 2015 VLCC institute of beauty and Nutrition:

Advance clinical Nutrition in Weight Management

12. 16 July 2014

Nutrition and Natural health Science Association:

National Nutrition week

13. 27 June 2014

VLCC institute of beauty and Nutrition:

Fad Diets in weight   Management

Heal your relationship with your body

Our diet programs are customized to your personal needs

“We are a combination of the things we eat and the way we treat ourselves”
“In the plethora of diet fads and fears, our message is loud and clear – You don’t have to eat less, you just have to eat right”.

Special Diet Plans!


Weight loss
Weight gain
Obesity management
Weight maintenance
Balanced diet for children
Balanced diet for teenagers
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Diet for pregnancy
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Diabetes & Gestational diabetes
Stress, anxiety & depression


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Why Choose Diet Chemistry

Personalized Plans

We give personalized diet plans as per the individual’s body condition and lifestyle.

We never make you starve

Our consultation goes beyond the routine portion control & counting calories.

We believe in lifestyle changes

We track down your eating habits, sleep hours and daily schedule & activity and educate about lifestyle changes.

We work with everyone

From children to senior citizen, from home makers to working women, from those looking simply for weight loss to those struggling with PCOS, Thyroid, Diabetes & other metabolic disorders.

Achieve your health goals with us

Let us help you figure out what your unique self needs to feel good and thrive