Child Obesity

Child obesity is one of the greater epidemics that we as a nation are fighting today. With irregular eating habits, sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating resources readily available, the younger years of Indian youth are growing in physical circumference, that too around the waistlines.

What are the remedies? Are there any? Yes, there are and Dt. Gurleen Kaur, the certified child dietician and a member of Nutrition and Natural Health Science Association, knows just the right strategies. With the growing need for dietary planning amongst kids and young adults who are usually fussy-eaters, Dt. Gurleen devices easy to follow and highly customized diet plans that serve each individual appropriately.

While dealing with child obesity, Dt. Gurleen keeps in mind the age, nutrition needs, daily routines and blood groups of individual kids in order to target adequate weight loss without inducing any other impediments.

Her strategy to handle child obesity revolves around the following:

  1. She makes an absolute check of favorite foods of the child to mould the diet around them, but with alternative healthy ingredients.
  2. She counsels the child appropriately and offers adequate support to prepare the child mentally for diet regime and go through it successfully.
  3. She also monitors the patterns of the intake and various emotional, social and psychological factors that influence the food intake of the child, to facilitate alterations and diet counseling accordingly.
  4. The success stories of Dt. Gurleen’s diet plans that become visible in various case studies often speak for themselves.

For future generations to prosper and develop into healthy human beings; nourishing diet regimes contribute significantly and lay down easy, interesting, enjoyable yet effective path to wholesome lives.

If you are a parent and looking for an effective remedy for child obesity; ask for Dt. Gurleen’s consultation today. If you are a child facing obesity embarrassment, you know what you need.

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