Diet for Diabetes

Dt. Gurleen Kaur is the leading name in the industry when it comes to a perfect nutrition plan and diet for diabetes. As an experienced nutritionist and diabetes educator, she works daily to help diabetes patients maintain their daily diet for diabetes and their weight thereof.

There is an escalated need for diabetes patients to follow a diet prescribed by a certified dietician to help manage their weight, lifestyles, insulin levels and other accompanying complications. Most of the times diabetes patients know what to eat, but what they need to know is if their eating is helping them to improve their health or not. Dt. Gurleen who specializes in diabetes diet helps them to realize the importance and avoidance of each food.

Pregnant women often suffer from Gestation Diabetes, which means they have high blood sugar levels. The placenta inside mother’s womb supports the baby as it grows. The same hormones from a placenta that nurture the baby to growth block the insulin from acting and cause a problem for the mother. The problem is termed as insulin resistance. This resistance that the body produces for insulin makes it a difficult task for the mother to utilize the insulin produced naturally. Hence, the need for insulin is increased as much as three folds. This condition in pregnant women is medically known as Gestational Diabetes.

Dt. Gurleen helps pregnant women to follow a healthy diet for diabetes that keeps their condition in control too.

Here is why you need to get a diet for diabetes plan from Dt. Gurleen Kaur and reap the benefits:

  1. Individual body and blood-type is treated individually to get the best results.
  2. A diabetic diet is a combination of foods that curb the glucose levels and escalate the energy levels and she understands that.
  3. You get constant support and encouragement that you need to follow the diet.
  4. The results of a customized diet for diabetes are seen sooner than you expect.
  5. You end-up leading a healthier life without the daily fears of eating, indigestion or diabetes shooting up.

At Diet Chemistry, the adaptation, adoption, and adherence to diabetes diet are given the utmost focus and hence absolute assistance is provided to achieve the health goals through it. To know more about diet for diabetes, book your consultation today.

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