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It is when your body converts the food you eat into energy.
Therapeutic diet is modification of normal diet and calories intake as per physiological conditions or diseases. They not only regulate diet to loose or gain weight, but also alter the individual’s nutrition based upon their medical condition diagnosed by their surgeons or physicians or gynecologists. For instance, a women diagnosed by her gynecologist with PCOD needs diet plan not only to lose weight but her diet will also be modified with dos and don’ts for her. The right nutrition program is not only helpful and healing for the body but also for the mind.
This is the first question that everyone asks their dietitian that how much they are going to lose in a month. Loosing 4 to 5 kgs in a month is a healthy weight loss where you just get rid of your stubborn fats neither your bones nor your muscle mass. The simple combination of eating less and exercising more is really the best for short and long term weight loss. To do crash dieting and losing 15 to 20 kgs in a month is not healthy at all. Even to exclude any of the food group from your daily meal is also not healthy. Anyone who thinks that only going to dietitian and following the diet plans will get them to their targets is also not a good idea because diet plans contributes 70% and rest weight loss depends on the remaining 30% of physical activity. Weight loss may be slower, but in time you will see lasting results without drastic dieting measures.
Maintenance plan means that when you achieve your target. To stick at the achievable target, we provide you exchanges of all food groups as per your requirement, so it is completely tailored plan, you cannot share with other person. When you will munch out or attend any occasion for that, we will guide you what to eat and how to compensate the extra calories. There are clients who are fit and there is no weight loss requirement, they also opt for maintenance plan for balanced meal. Maintenance plan is for 1 year and there are 2 visits to keep a check on your weight, in which visits are optional. If there is any issue regarding plan, one can visit or else they can be in touch through whatsapp or call.
Yes, nutrition programs and exercises go hand in hand for better and long term results. It is important to understand that there is lot of difference in weight loss via diet and weight loss via diet and exercise because this way is more healthy and leads to a strong and healthy body. And if you only depend on diet plans, you are going to fail in achieving fitness and your health will suffer because without exercise a person will be forced to maintain a very low calorie diet which is not pleasing at all. Physical activity will take you more closer to your goal by burning calories and building muscles. For this, you have to get your heart pump and break, sweat to burn a significant amount of calories. So, the more you will exercise, the less you need to reduce your food intake. Now, it is not necessary to go to fancy and expensive gym for weight loss. You can join any sports like badminton, lawn tennis. You can go for swimming, dance again is another option. Walk, one of the best exercise for individual suffering from hypertension, diabetes & high cholesterol. It pumps up your mood too.
We do not recommend any bran at all. You can prepare chapatti from your normal, wheat atta or multigrain atta.
No, it won’t bounce back because we don’t believe in crash diets and extreme mono diets. Our dietitian make you eat after every 2 hours. She believes in small and frequent meals and covers all the necessary food groups in your plan as per the requirements. She guides her with client correct combinations of meal as per requirements and modifies the lifestyle. So, there is no chance of weight to bounce back. We also provide maintenance plan at the end of the nutrition program.
We all know that alcohol is not good for our health but because of our lifestyle and social networks we consume it in different forms like whisky, wine, beer, vodka with juices or water etc. Now, if you are consuming alcohol and you want to enjoy it, then you can consume 60 ml in a week and if consuming more than that, then you need detoxification plan next week. Try not to consume beers and if possible avoid sodas with whisky, add water instead.
There is no need to starve. To lose weight, you need to eat small and frequent meals (6 to 8 meals), drink water as per your requirement and work out for minimum 45 minutes at least 3 times per week as per your physiological condition.
Yes, your gynecologist is correct. It is mandatory for your daughter to lose weight. But it is also true that she must follow healthy diet to lose weight as she is at her growing stage. Mono diets and low calorie diets are not good for her. What she has to do is to increase her physical activity and eat healthy diet provided by her dietitian and nutritionist.
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