Lactation Nutrition

Nutritional requirements for lactating mothers are different and significant for entire lactation period.

Lactation nutrition is important because only a healthy mother can nurture the baby to grow into a healthy being. It is vital to determine mother’s dietary intake in order to establish the composition of the milk produced by the mother’s mammary glands. Dt. Gurleen Kaur, the prominent member of Nutrition and Natural Health Science Association recommends diet plans for lactating mothers to nourish their own body without putting on any extra weight and also to create a balanced supply of milk for the baby.

Most of the times, lactating mothers start to concentrate too much on lesser diet eager to lose weight and thus tend to become malnourished. In such cases, the breastfed infant may go through suboptimal nutrition levels. With Dt. Gurleen’s diet in place, mothers can lose weight in a healthy way, without compromising on the nutrients that need to be transferred to the infant.

Here is how Dt. Gurleen helps you with your lactation nutrition and to take adequate diet for self and the baby and lose weight simultaneously:

  • Based on your dietary needs and blood-type, she recommends food items that provide absolute nourishment and boost your metabolism too.
  • For new mothers suffering from gestational diabetes, the nutritionist suggests the appropriate diet that can boost colostrum and oxytocin to accelerate milk production.
  • She also identifies the ongoing deficiencies in lactating mothers and helps them substitute through the right varieties of foods.
  • Gurleen Kaur helps to boost the lactating period with all the essential nutrients needed by the mother and childlike energy, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, and minerals without adding non-essential calories to the diet.

If you are looking for lactation nutrition based diet plan and wish to lose weight while keeping your baby healthy, ask for a consultation with Dt. Gurleen Kaur today.

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