Party Goers

Nutrition and Lifestyle Modification for Party Goers

If you are a regular party-goer, you might be suffering from food disorders and erratic eating schedules. Your body also may undergo adverse changes like extreme weight gain or extreme weight loss in such a case and the signs become visible eventually. In this situation, you need a qualified and experienced dietician who can advise you on an appropriate diet schedule that helps you to nourish your body adequately amidst your irregular lifestyle.

Dt. Gurleen Kaur recommends nutrition and lifestyle modification for party goers to assist them with their food routines and dietary intakes. The food groups recommended by her are as per the preferences and nutrition needs of individual clients because she truly believes that each and every individual has distinct personality and food habits.

Here is how she helps you to bring in slow and steady changes to achieve your health goals:

  • She constitutes a personality chart after a thorough analysis of your lifestyle, daily regimes, and nutritional needs.
  • She makes the necessary changes as per your body, height, weight and other physical attributes.
  • She creates a good mix of foods and nutrients that do not hamper the fun life and yet offer ample nutrition and effective nutrition and lifestyle modification for party goers.
  • She makes sure you are able to follow the diet changes that are fuelled by her constant motivation and encouragement sessions.

The diet chart prescribed by Dt. Gurleen is an effective tool for the party goers to meet their health goals while keeping their preferred lifestyle in place without compromising on daily nutrition. This is what sets her dietary expertise apart and makes her the most coveted dietician in the town.

For a highly customized plan around nutrition and lifestyle modification for party goers, reach out to us at Diet Chemistry and ask for a one to one consultation with our specialized dietician.

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