Post Pregnancy

Post-Pregnancy Nutrition

Spending nine months to have a baby in life and suddenly being overwhelmed by the demands and hectic routines of freshly adapted motherhood – we know that postnatal months can be overpowering and tiring. While the most crucial question that looms in mind is; how to lose pregnancy weight while not compromising on post-pregnancy nutrition.

At Diet Chemistry, Dt. Gurleen Kaur recommends a simple, practical but effective post pregnancy diet, which can fit-in easily with a hectic routine and yet meet early motherhood demands. Knowing that the requirements of motherhood are huge, she does not recommend postnatal diets which are over complicated and involve lots of food preparation – she focuses on realistic goals. Dt. Gurleen’s edge remains on the importance of long-term healthy eating to keep energy levels and milk supplies for breastfeeding up, and to encourage slow but steady weight loss. She also takes care of the post-natal depressive periods and hence also emphasizes that diet doesn’t have to be strict military regime – treats are allowed!

Why should you take a post-pregnancy dietary consultation from Dt. Gurleen Kaur?

  1. The diet helps you lose pregnancy weight quickly without compromising on the nutrition that baby needs from you.
  2. She also helps you to choose right foods to accelerate the production of milk in your glands while maintaining the post-pregnancy nutrition.
  3. She includes the dietary elements that help to regulate the metabolism while keeping the calories at bay.
  4. As soon as you stop breastfeeding your baby, you are almost back to your pre-pregnancy shape.
  5. The lactation period is easy to go through with the added comfort of Dt. Gurleen’s dietary and lifestyle modification advice.

If you are looking for a tailored post-pregnancy nutrition diet plan without having to compromise on your lifestyle, energy levels, and desired foods, call Diet Chemistry for an absolute consultation with Dt. Gurleen Kaur, the member of Nutrition and Natural Health Science Association.

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