Pre Pregnancy

Pre-Pregnancy Nutrition

When a woman is preparing herself for pregnancy and motherhood, she must follow an appropriate diet to fuel the body with all the nutrition that she needs for a healthy pregnancy. Pre-pregnancy nutrition is a vital part of a woman’s lifecycle which must be followed under a certified nutritionist’s guidance.

A well-balanced and healthy pre-pregnancy nutrition diet ensures that the woman has a good store of nutrients to meet the demands of pregnancy, and keeps her body receptive throughout nine months. A well-laid diet plan for a few months prepared by Dt. Gurleen Kaur, who is a certified member of Nutrition and Natural Health Science Association, is what you need if you are planning a pregnancy soon.

Here is a heads up on why you need Dt. Gurleen’s Kaur’s diet consultation to help you got through pregnancy:

  1. Gurleen advises on the appropriate multivitamin supplements that you need for pre-pregnancy nutrition only after making a thorough check of your blood-type, eating habits, nutrition needs and lifestyle.
  2. You get a detailed chart of a healthy diet to be consumed throughout the day to keep your reproductive system healthy and functional, making conception and pregnancy an easy feat for you.
  3. Intake of other nutrients like folic acid, iron, and calcium are also regulated sensibly to help you sustain a hale and hearty pregnancy and to reach an easy delivery.
  4. You also get all the emotional and psychological support to maintain the diet, through regular counseling sessions with Dt. Gurleen Kaur.

Women preparing themselves for IVF may also contact Dt. Gurleen Kaur for right diet advice to keep the mind and body stress-free and reap the best results from their IVF treatments.

Reach out to Diet Chemistry and ask for a consultative session for pre-pregnancy nutrition with Dt. Gurleen Kaur today, and look forward to a rewarding pregnancy.

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