Many of my clients have complain about how they have tried many diets by professionals and have still not achieved their weight loss goals, how they feel demotivated with eating portion controlled, calorie counted, time based diets. Here at Diet Chemistry, we don’t believe in fad diets. We educate our clients that eating is good for them and how they can loose weight by just eating right. We have been highly recognized for our success rate in improving symptoms of ailments like PCOS, Diabetes, Thyroid etc. through well balanced & nutritious diets.

- Dt. Gurleen Kaur (Diet Chemistry)

Success Stories

Mr. Rajan
Mrs. Dimple
Mrs. Divyanshi
Mr. Prashant
Miss Salveen Kaur
Ms Neha
Mrs. Neel Kiran
Mr Ayush
Mrs Jyati
Mrs Rajinder Kaur
Ms Manpreet Kaur


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