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Weight Loss Plans

There is never a single diet plan that works well for all.

Many people keep struggling to lose weight and to reach their ideal body shape, some throughout their lives. This happens because they do not get the right help from an expert who understands diet and nutrition inside-out.

Dt. Gurleen Kaur, member of Nutrition and Natural Health Science Association practices the ideology of “your body, your diet” to the core and hence, offers customized weight loss plans and diet programs to individuals. Based on their personage daily regimes, lifestyles, blood groups, nutrition needs and medical health records, Dt. Gurleen devices weight loss plans that pursue customized diet charts and target the specific needs of the individuals, while accelerating weight loss for each one.

This highly targeted approach has helped Dt. Gurleen, the much sought after dietician in Delhi to deliver results to a large number of satisfied and happy clients. These clients are now leading a healthy and fulfilling life post weight loss program at Diet Chemistry. Dt. Gurleen not only focuses on healthy weight loss but also educates her clients on how to sustain that healthy weight throughout their lives. Her weight loss plans are the key to inducing health to lives of the people in a happy mode and a huge encouragement to lose weight simultaneously.

Here is a crisp rundown of the benefits that you get from Dr. Gurleen’s dietary and nutrition advice for weight loss.

  1. A customized weight loss plan based upon a thorough analysis of your blood group, lifestyle, eating preferences, time schedules, and personal & professional life.
  2. Constant support and encouragement from your dietician to keep up with the small targets.
  3. Cheat days and get to eat the food that you love, and yet, you lose weight.
  4. Cheering rewards when you meet your small and large goals.
  5. An altered lifestyle that inspires you to stay fit and healthy for the rest of your life.

What else do you want? Find out more about the weight loss plans at Diet Chemistry. Book a consultation today!

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