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MNCs as all of us know, refers to Multi-National Companies. The word often gets mentioned when we talk of employment and job opportunities. MNCs have opened a wide ray of scope to the Indians as well international employees especially in the monetary aspect which has given a high level of living standard for our citizens. Youth today has a very modern outlook with respect to their eating habits, clothing, language and interactive ability and almost every aspect of the personality growth. But overall, what everyone is neglecting is their health due to different working hours, different shifts, distance to their home locations and their working destinations. Due to the growth of the Indian and international food industry, everyone is surviving on highly processed, packed and ready to eat food items.

It is very important for everyone working hard day and night in MNC’s to sneak nutrient packed food in their diet not only to lose or maintain weight but also to make their brain work more productively as it needs quality fuel to run efficiently that means more energy and increased productivity at work. Healthy and diet packed with nutrition will keep employees happy too.

For example, banana contains 10 milligrams of dopamine which is a chief mood buster in the brain. Similarly, dark chocolate which are packed with Poly-phenol, is also known to boost serotonin, a neurotransmitter that many antidepressants also target. So, a small banana with 1 melted dark chocolate will give you complete energy as well as keep your mood up (This combination is given as per the need and requirement of an individual, not for everyone especially not appropriate for diabetic patients).

As we all know that Multinational companies are the giant companies having their origin in one country and running their operations in more than one country whether its Google, Coca cola, Apple Inc, HP, Microsoft, IBM and many more. For all the operations, companies follow a strategy, a plan to achieve their goal or target. For Example, firstly they are specific about that what they want then draw up a plan of action, make a list of steps and then act on those steps, read and listen to advice, draw alternative plans, examine and visualize the goals, implement them.

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Likewise, Diet Chemistry assesses the clients and their problems, prepares a diet plan after analyzing and collecting clients personal data and then motivates clients to implement that diet plan. So, planning a balanced diet for employees or any individual is somewhere as same as achieving a goal or target by MNC and that goal is “ TO BE HEALTHY” in simple words.

Hence, our employees with their chosen respective job, work together step by step to achieve their target and for their respected Multi-National companies. Now, let’s help them achieving one more target and that is “ BEING HEALTHY PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY” because diet chemistry believes in working together to find a realistic approach to nutrition that fits to your lifestyle, schedule, and goals. Are you already working towards optimizing your health but aren’t sure if you’re going in the right direction? No problem!! We can work together to optimize it. With the help of nutrition workshops, you will acquire skills, motivation and support you need to alter the meals, food preparation in less amount of time, shopping of grocery, etc. It will also help the client to monitor their meal exchange, how to overcome the barriers of selecting food, how to develop strong bonding with the employees of different cultures and backgrounds, make a goal and more over social support. Here, employees will be involved as active partners, as the motive of Diet chemistry is to provide environmental support at work place which will be physically designed to encourage good health.