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It is important to understand the fact that children grow significantly, but at slow rate and the nutritional needs of children are different as compared to adults. Additionally, their genetic background, gender, body size, food choices are all important determinants of nutrition requirement which are taken into consideration while talking about their health. Other important fact that hinders all of the above mentioned traits is the availability of convenient food items. Due to economic development and globalization, new foods which are highly processed and high in unhealthy fats have been introduced and have altered children’s dietary habits and lifestyle patterns, their taste, eating habits and decision about what to eat which is partly influenced by the peer group and the media.

It is important for everyone, especially for children, to consume balanced diet and exercise regularly like playing any sport or ball, cycling, skipping etc., irrespective of the age, whether preschoolers or school going children. There are 2 important things parents must understand. Firstly, the concepts of nutrition, health and education which are the base of children’s overall development, are independently important and are also interlinked with each other because without nutrition there is no development of a child and without being healthy, a child cannot study because of the fact that nutritional status influences child’s educational achievements, his/her attention span, learning capacity, ability to fully engage in educational experiences, school attendance. In other words, good education is not possible without health. However, for prosperity of society knowledge of nutritional education in schools is significant for the development of the child as well as of the country.

Other important fact which is important for parents to understand is, that preschool period is the perfect time when children learn many concepts and develop long term eating habits. In that duration children will learn basics about food items, will learn their names, recognize colour of fruits and vegetables and acquire healthy eating habits for his/ her upcoming years. At this stage, children adapt new things, new taste, easily as compared to the school going children (6 years onwards).

We all know that, today’s generation is facing many health issues like being overweight, obese, eating disorders, developing weak bones, weak eye sight, anemia, dental cavities, reduced immunity and vulnerability towards infectious diseases in early stages of their life but what are they? How the seed of health issues sprouts? Therefore, to overcome these issues, Diet Chemistry is taking an initiative to conduct nutritional counseling for parents regarding our child health so that they do not carry their school age health problems in their adulthood which can develop into serious health issues like heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol levels, thyroid, hypertension if not taken care of at the right age at the right time.

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Now, the question arises, that what is the benefit of conducting workshops in primary and secondary schools. So, the reason is that school is the first place where lifestyles, eating habits, attitudes are developed, where a child comes in touch with the outside world. In other words, they develop their behaviour patterns through interacting with teachers, peer group and their parents. Especially, in primary schools where habits of young children are still being formed because the learning process is interesting, easily illustrated and learned by demonstration and in a colourful way. Schools are the place where we can reach number of children, their parents and teachers under one roof and can educate them regarding nutrition. Most importantly, teachers and the parents are the one who are near to their children at critical age when eating habits are being developed. Therefore, schools are ideal for spreading the message of healthy eating and with their help, we can enter into direct dialogues with families, collaborate with them and let them know that their involvement is required to explore diet benefits for the benefit of their children.