Hormonal Imbalance

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How to Treat Hormonal Imbalance through Diet?

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed? Ever found yourself struggling to work and feeling sluggish amidst a pile of work? Ever did something brash and ended up blaming your hormones by saying, “I don’t know what’s happening to me! I guess it’s just hormones.”

Ever found yourself blaming your hormones? What if one day you find out that there is an imbalance? How do we deal with that? Does diet have any role to play?

Not to worry folks, we’ve got your backs! (For real!)

First things first. Hormones are your chemical messengers that have quite an effect on your emotional, physical and mental health. Your food cravings, mood, weight, and more aspects are controlled by hormones. Your body can produce the required amount of hormones which is needed for the different kinds of processes, keeping your body healthy.

However, our desk-bound lifestyles and irregular dietary patterns may have an impact on our hormonal environment. Additionally, levels of certain hormones reduce with age, some have a genetic issue due to which some people might even experience a more dramatic decrease. Nonetheless, a planned nutritious diet may help in hormonal imbalance treatment which in turn allows you to feel better from within.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_single_image image=”3085″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner]

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Addressing Hormonal Imbalance through Diet

Have you ever wondered why you end up cooking, ordering, and eating food on nearly any occasion that affects you emotionally? In case of good news, eat sweets. If there’s a birthday, you end up going for a luxurious dinner. If you are sad, you scoop in a tub of ice cream. If we look closely, hormones when balanced can make us feel invincible; and when a mess, the same hormones hold the power to make us feel invisible. Such is the relationship between food and hormones, that eating some dishes makes our day, while the ones we hate might force us to skip meals.

Given this scenario, taking the help of a good dietician for treating hormonal imbalance seems like the right thing to do. Hormonal Imbalance leads to multiple issues related to thyroid, heart problems, etc. In the case of women, it ends up messing with the menstrual cycle. Therefore, figuring out a diet is key for better hormonal balance. Given below are some tips to help you guide through the preferred varieties of food for better and more effective hormonal imbalance treatment.

  1. Chia seeds, Brussel sprouts, Algal oil, Hemp seed, Walnuts, Flaxseeds, Perilla oil, etc are good sources of Omega 3. Including these shall promote cell-to-cell communication. These help fight menopause dysfunction and enhance thyroid function.
  2. Try including Carrots, Turnips, Sweet potatoes, Parsnips, Radishes, Garlic, Rutabaga, Beets; andOnions in small quantities in your daily food. Consuming this year around increases hormonal balance.
  3. Saute-Roast-Fry: Pick your favorite way of having bowls filled with rich greens. You could eat them in an omellete, make a soup, or have them directly in the form of a snack bowl. In any case, regular consumption of green, leafy vegetables will make you feel fuller and more energized.
  4. Go Desi, Go Herbal- With the help of herbal infusion, you can boost your hormone metabolism and your body’s detox system. Start havingherbal tea infusions like tulsi or dandelion root tea, chamomile tea, etc and you’ll gradually see positive results. Herbal teas are free of caffeine and help the body relax eliminating the unhealthy intake of caffeine. It takes some time to get used to the taste, but once acquired, this healthy habit helps combat weight issues as well.
  5. Constipation and Hormonal Imbalance share a cause and effect relationship. Therefore including food items rich in roughage and dietary fiber will help get out of the vicious cycle.

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Miscellaneous Things to do for effective Hormonal Imbalance Treatment

  • Learn to Manage Stress- Chronic stress, anxiety, irregular work hours, etc have been considered as some of the basic factors contributing to hormonal imbalance. Therefore, even if going tension-free is not an option, indulge yourself in one activity daily for at least 15-20mins. Try to choose an activity that promotes physical movement. This way, you can also fight inactivity while making yourself happy, or relaxed.
  • Don’t Overeat And Undereat

Extremities of any sort are dangerous for the body. Overeating and undereating, both result in hormonal shifts and weight problems. While undereating can increase the stress hormone cortisol, over eating increases insulin levels. Therefore, eating in moderation is crucial. Maxed Cortisol levels set off weight gain issues, triggering other comorbidities; insulin overproduction endangers the heart. Therefore, your best bid is to maintain a strict timetable when it comes to having your meals.

If you’re already on the lookout for the perfect hormonal imbalance treatment in Delhi, contact us! We’ll help you fight and preserve your right to a healthy life.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section]